Overland High School

Overland High School

Education is the best Inheritance

Overland High School

Education is the best Inheritance



Welcome to Overland High School. We provide a learning environment that focuses on students, meeting developmental needs, acknowledging individual differences and honoring all styles of learning. The School has a very conducive learning atmosphere as well as a teaching environment supported by highly qualified teachers, good surroundings, good weather, best infrastructure, spacious modern class, science laboratories, geography room and dormitories for girls and boys.


We are Accepting Form 5 NOW!

https://youtu.be/j9d9zqpcfoU Form five enrollment and admissions are on and the official starting of lessons is on the 13th of June 2022, under the following combinations (PCB, PCM, PGM, CBG, EGM,

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A Message from Our Headmaster

Dear Parents and Students,

I reveal that Overland High School is the best choice where success, goals, and targets are attained. At Overland High School, there is a presence of great, qualified, experienced teachers and administration that generates quality education and disciplined students. The school has the best laboratories, examination halls, libraries, classrooms, and good dormitories that maintain a conducive learning environment which leads to good results. The School gives a well-balanced diet and sports make the students physically and mentally fit.

Overland High school is the right choice to fulfill one’s academic dreams and his or her aspirations. “If you strive to the best, you can rise above the rest.” True Freedom comes from how you respond to life and not what life does to you.

Hamza B. Makionda,
Head Master


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